Writing on Leather

A collection of examples showing different methods of writing on leather - in other words a source of ideas.

Lee A Mangum Blackfoot, Idaho:

"My Brother has horses and wagons This is a sign I made for him to display while hauling VIPs in Parades. I used a plastic Craft-Aid for the font. The others are to hung from the harness on a team of horses chests. My Granddaughter made up the font for the Smith signs. The background is highly matted. The last is a wall hanging that I made for the originator of a draft horse group on Facebook on the occasion of reaching 10,000 members. The little sign hanging on the gateway arch is about one inch by three inches and is done with 5/16 Th inch steel marking stamps. I hope these helps:"

On the spine the writing came out nice, but on the front of the cover, you can barely see the writing (right). It was done in a bead of glue that was then covered with a copper colored film. You can see it better if you click on the photo to see a larger view.